Feasibility Studies

Joe Montalto, Jr., P.E. encourages his clients to initiate Feasibility Studies before commencing with the design of any project when the scope of work, permitting requirements, and construction budgets have not been fully defined.

The following are several projects in which this process was employed:

  • Deren Diner Development – The project was to redevelop a former “neighborhood” grocery store located on approximately 0.131 acres in Brooker, Florida into a “neighborhood” diner/restaurant.

Deren Diner with Border

  • TB Goods– This project looked to establish and examine alternatives for redeveloping the commercial center located on approximately 1.4 acres at 3424 West University Avenue on in Gainesville, Florida. The site is bordered by University Avenue to the south, a commercial strip center to the west, Hogtown Creek to the north, and NW 34th Street and a Tire Plus to the east. The existing site contains two structures with paved parking and access drives.

TB Goods With Border