Site Development and Planning

Find out more about JMJ’s Site Development and Planning work.

Joe Montalto, Jr., P.E. has almost a three decade history with site engineering and permitting in the Gainesville/Alachua County Area. Joe has designed and permitted many types of projects ranging from bed and breakfast inns to 6-story mixed use developments.

Joe Talking with GuysJoe is extremely familiar with permitting through the City of Gainesville’s planning and public works department as well at the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD).   He has worked extensively with city governments on projects and is versed in the technicalities. He has also designed and permitted site development projects in other parts of North Florida.

Some of the recent projects Joe is currently working on or has designed and permitted include:

  • One College Park (now Mid-Town Lofts) – This multi-year project is a 6-Story Mixed Used Development just north of the University of Florida. It includes extensive off-site utility infrastructure improvements and innovative stormwater management design features.

    The project is compromised of 310 student apartments, a 550 space parking garage and 14,000 SF of retail space.



  • Grove Street Residential – This residential development is a Multi-Phase Single Family attached townhouse development including stormwater, utility and city street reconstruction.



  • Downtown Plaza Renovation Project – This project has helped bring revitalization to downtown Gainesville. The project included the relocation and redesign of an RTS Bus Bay on University Avenue, Utility Engineering for a proposed café, “green room” for the existing stage, and informational “kiosk”. The project also involved re-grading and “hardscape” repaving within and beyond the existing plaza limits.

    Utility engineering for water, wastewater, electric power, and communications for the café, “green room” and “kiosk” are also included in the scope of work. The project involves extensive Public Involvement with many stakeholders including the Homeless Coalition, RTS, Gainesville Downtown Owners and Tenants (GDOT), organizations using the plaza for entertainment purposes, GPD, the CRA Board, and many other stakeholders. The project was permitted through the City Planning Department’s Technical Review Committee (TRC) and Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU).


  • SR 207 Trailhead – Cross Florida Trail – Development of parking facilities, walkways, site amenities, and a wet-detention stormwater management system for a trailhead west of St. Augustine. Permitting through the SJRWMD, FDOT, and St. Johns County was required.