Stormwater Management and F.E.M.A. Studies

Joe Montalto, Jr., P.E. has designed many stormwater management facilities and prepared multiple FEMA Flood Studies since he began his career in 1978.  Joe has pursued and obtained four LOMA’s and/or LOMAR-F’s through FEMA since 2008.

  • Cumberland Circle – Stormwater management identification and analyses of flooding problems within the 26 acres private subdivision. Developed immediate drainage reconstruction plan and long term maintenance plan to alleviate flooding within the subdivision.


  • Gainesville Nissan FEMA Flood Study –Flood Study for a 223 acre drainage basin within the Hogtown Drainage Basin within the Gainesville City Limits. The project site was located in the vicinity of NE 39th Avenue and North Main Street. The FEMA 100 Year Base Flood Elevation was established for five sub-basins within the study area, one of which included the Gainesville Nissan Site. The project was submitted for review to the City of Gainesville Public Works Department and FEMA for review and approval. A Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA), Case No. 08-04-5936A, was approved for the Gainesville Nissan Site on September 30, 2008.